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Early Start Pre-K 4 & Kindergarten

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Multisensory Instruction

The Dyslexia Therapy Center
follows an Orton-Gillingham-based multisensory
structured language approach.  
Instruction is direct, systematic, cumulative, diagnostic,
and prescriptive.  Concepts are introduced
using simultaneous, multisensory (VAKT) techniques.

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Dyslexia Therapy / Tutoring/ Conroe

We address the ROOT cause of dyslexia


Dyslexia Therapy

All students are screened, assessed, provided intervention, and monitored.

  • 1:1 or small group instruction

  • Instruction by Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALT) or Practitioners.

  • Multisensory program with explicit, systemic, progress-monitored instruction.

  • Sessions are four times per week.

  • It is  not required to have a diagnosis of dyslexia.  The provided evaluation helps us to target children who meet the diagnostic profile of dyslexia.

  • Dysgraphia

  • Grades:  K-8


Early Start

Pre-K 4 -5

Get ready to enter school reading and writing in cursive with a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning

  • Curriculum builds a solid foundation in phonics, blending sounds, reading, and writing.


Reading Evaluation

A reading evaluation is the first step in preparing students to learn. 

The Evaluation Process

  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses in reading

  • Standarized academic and literacy tests

  • Evaluation results explained


Reading Intervention

We serve children in grades K-8 from different educational backgrounds.

  • Provide the highest quality, multisensory reading and written language instruction.

  • Our instructional model incorporates the latest scientific research in reading and spelling.

Our Mission


The mission of the Dyslexia Therapy Center is to empower students with dyslexia or related disabilities by providing explicit, systematic, and multisensory instruction tailored to their individual needs. Our center is committed to building and strengthening literacy skills among students, ensuring they have the tools and strategies necessary to achieve academic success and lifelong learning. Through personalized interventions and evidence-based practices, we strive to unlock the potential of every student, fostering a love for reading and empowering them to thrive in school and beyond. Our mission is rooted in a belief that every student deserves access to high-quality literacy instruction and the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their learning profile or background. Through collaboration with families, educators, and community partners, we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of students with dyslexia, equipping them with the skills and confidence to become proficient readers and lifelong learners.


   Our Philosophy

At the Dyslexia Therapy Center, we believe that every student has the inherent ability to learn and succeed, regardless of their learning differences or challenges. Our philosophy is grounded in the understanding that dyslexia and related disabilities should not hinder a student's academic progress or limit their potential. We recognize the unique strengths and capabilities of each individual and are dedicated to providing the support and resources necessary to help them overcome obstacles and thrive.  Central to our philosophy is the belief in the power of explicit, systematic, and multisensory instruction. We understand that students with dyslexia benefit from instructional approaches that engage multiple senses and address their specific learning needs. By delivering instruction that is tailored to each student's individual profile and learning style, we strive to create meaningful learning experiences that foster growth, confidence, and independence.

We view literacy as a fundamental skill that opens doors to knowledge, opportunity, and personal fulfillment. Our commitment to building and strengthening literacy skills among students with dyslexia is unwavering. We believe that literacy is not just about decoding words on a page but about empowering students to comprehend, analyze, and communicate effectively in all areas of their lives.  

Collaboration is at the heart of our philosophy. We recognize the importance of working closely with families, educators, and community partners to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for students with dyslexia. By fostering strong partnerships and open communication, we seek to build a network of support around each student, ensuring they receive the comprehensive care and resources they need to succeed academically and personally.  Ultimately, our philosophy is driven by a deep commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of students with dyslexia. We believe that by providing high-quality instruction, personalized interventions, and unwavering support, we can empower students to unlock their full potential, become proficient readers, and lead fulfilling lives as lifelong learners.

Dyslexia Therapy

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